Seasons come, seasons go…

I’ve been thinking about the seasons- how amazing it is that God made seasons, and that nothing stays the same forever.  This is so easy to see in the natural world, even in Phoenix (where we joke that there are no seasons).  Even here, it is not 110 degrees all year round.  That’s not the only thing to be thankful for, though it’s a big one!  It’s also true in life.  Nothing stays the same forever, and it seems to be true that, “the only constant is change.”

There are good things about changing seasons; some things are special mostly because they are seasonal.  Eggnog, for example, would not be so special if it was common to every time of year.  Christmas trees would lose some significance if we kept them up all year.  The rituals of getting them make them unique to this time of year.

It seems that at least part of the joy of changing seasons, both in nature and in life, is in the mix of unpredictability and predictability.  You know winter is coming, but you don’t know what it will include this year.  Will there be an early snow storm and flooding, or just the same mild rain as normal?   You know that you will get older, but don’t know what your life will look like.  As much as I like predictability, I don’t want the same weather every day or the same events, feelings, and interactions with people every day for the rest of my life. 

That said, some seasons are hard to embrace, and sometimes the change of seasons is hard to deal with.  I don’t look forward to the transition to 100 degree+ days in May here, and I don’t look forward to what will most likely be my body breaking as it gets older.  In both situations, though, change follows again, and hard seasons aren’t here forever.  Maybe that is the hope of seasons- if you don’t like the current one, a new one will come before long!

P.S. C.S. Lewis discusses this in Screwtape Letters, so if you are interested in this idea (which is not original to me), you should check out his work.   


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