Bits and pieces

Delights from this weekend:

1. I got to hold/help babysit a 5-month-old baby with a former roommate on Friday night.  She is an amazing baby with huge eyes and enough personality to fill a room.  There’s just something about holding a sleeping baby.  Everything is suddenly right with the world, for just a minute. 

2. We watched Ratatouille.  It’s very cute, and inspiring.  I felt like cooking more afterward.

3. My failed sugar cookies were redeemed by some of the girls from my Fusion group yesterday.  For more description, see Jenni’s blog on the topic.  Frosting makes everything better!

4. We also played with wonton wrappers.  I say played because we filled them will all sorts of nontraditional things.  They turned out well, if I do say so myself.  The girls were quite creative; the favorite of the day was a peanut butter-chicken combination.

 The preparation:


The end result:

wonton wrapper

 5. I went to an Anglican service this morning.  Sunday School was cancelled for me, and I’ve been itching to try this church, so HollyAnn and I went to the traditional service before heading to Tempe Nazarene for the kids’ Christmas program.  It was really interesting, and it was cool to see how a different part of the body of Christ operates.  There’s a lot more I could say about this, and maybe I will at some point, but for this post, it will suffice to say that I enjoyed it.

An addition to my Christmas list:

Greek for the Rest of Us


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