You never know what you’ll get after school…

Today, I headed back to my now-functional office and was greeted with this announcement from a 4th grade child with an unknown liquid covering his head and moistening the top part of his shirt.:

“Ms. Olson, Aaron* peed on my head!” 

 I spent most of the next hour getting the story verbally and in writing from both boys.  It was something along the lines of the boys were in the bathroom playing and joking when, according to Aaron, he “lost control and peed on” the other kid.  Now, I know that you are wondering how that happens- I wonder the same thing.  The whole time I was dealing with it, I nearly bit my tongue off trying not to crack up.  When the kid who was urinated on drew a diagram of his head to show where the urine went, I almost died inside trying not to laugh. 

I learned what to do in this sort of situation (via conference with the assistant principal).  I took written statements from both of them and talked to both sets of parents, taking care to not mention the names of the students involved to protect confidentiality.  It was definitely not something I expected to deal with, but it was the most interesting paperwork I’ve done so far!



3 thoughts on “You never know what you’ll get after school…

  1. Is this anything like the spitting incident that I seem to recall. It went something like, “It was an accident! I didn’t mean to spit on her head!” Aren’t you glad we got that one on video?

    Hurry up and come home. I miss you!!!!!!

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