What a Merry Christmas!

It was, truly, a merry Christmas.  The several days of Christmas celebration my family enjoyed started on Saturday morning with a proposal from my sister’s (now) fiance, Simon, to my sister.  They had been discussing getting married for a bit, and now it’s official!  Yeah!  I even got to help plan the proposal (both plan A, which the weather prevented, and plan B, which was quite effective). 

We enjoyed a delightful breakfast that included my dad’s “bodacious breakfast” and some pumpkin-pecan muffins.  Yum!My immediate family opened gifts at home before leaving for my aunt and uncle’s house .  We had a lovely time, and we got to give and receive some really cool gifts. 

It was on the road, then, for us.  We borrowed a van from some friends so that all six of us could travel together.  This made the trip to my grammie and papa’s house for me.  Some of my favorite memories from holidays as a kid are being in one Astro van or another with my family, usually with rain pouring down outside and blankets and pillows to snuggle with inside.  There was usually an Adventures in Odyssey tape playing and books being read.  This trip was a little different because the van we used had a DVD player, so watching Black Hawk Down and DVDs of wedding celebrations of friends from the past few months replaced Adventures in Odyssey tapes.  Also, Simon got to make his inaugural holiday trip with us. 

We had several days with my aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents.  I love being in my aunt and uncle’s house, and there was a baby to hold and take care of.  (I have more to write about the baby later.)  We relaxed, enjoyed Sunday School, church, a candlelight service, and dinner with another aunt, uncle and cousin on Sunday, and did last minute shopping on Monday.  I also got a coffee date with my cousin complete with good conversation and a gingerbread chai.  Mmmm!

We opened gifts with the whole family on Christmas Eve after a big dinner, worked on wedding planning, and tried on my aunt’s wedding dress.  It’s really funny to play dress up when you fit the clothes! 🙂

Christmas morning brought Simon (and little people) caroling to the hide-a-bed where Bean and I were sleeping.  They only sang “Away in a Manger” in three different keys an hour too early before the little people tried to snuggle in with us without much success.  We left pretty early after opening stockings to get to Portland in time to spend several hours with my other grandparents.

THEN!!! it snowed!  We drove through driving snow that didn’t stick to the road but looked absolutely beautiful!!

There, we videoed the recipes and stories behind both cinnamon nut twisties and my grandparents’ love story.  We exchanged gifts, sang carols as Grandma played the piano, and generally enjoyed each others’ company.  After a lovely dinner at the only non-fast food restaurant in the area- Acapulco- we were back on the road with more snow!!  Thankfully, my dad was driving, so I wasn’t worried.  Unfortunately, it was warm (40 degrees) and dry when we got home. 

All in all, it was a memorable Christmas.  Today, we found my sister’s wedding dress, and bought a pattern for the bridesmaids’ dresses.  I’m sure wedding planning will be in full swing between now and when I head home, let alone after.  What fun!


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