The power of presence and living it out

Yesterday and today were delightful days, mostly because of the power of presence.  It’s really nice to have friends with whom you can chat or be silent, do or not do, and it’s all okay.  I found myself saying, “Being with you is what I want to do, so I really don’t care what we do.” several times, and it was really true.  I think it takes time for a relationship to develop to that point in most cases.  Time allows trust to develop and silence to become okay. 

I think the same is true with God.  It comes under different names, but the whole idea of being still and knowing that He is God is a powerful one.  Sometimes, the most powerful prayer for me is silence.  Disciplining my heart to be still in the silence isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.  His presence really is enough.


Follow-up to the Generations II post: living it out

April and I talked about and worked on foundational stuff for the non-profit organization she is starting.  It will involve US nurses, the families of people who have died, and medical missionaries around the world.  She is currently facilitating the transfer and shipping of supplies from families with left over medical supplies to places like Rwanda, where the need for supplies is great, but it’s becoming much bigger than her. 

The vision is to minister to the families by allowing them to honor the memory of their loved one, to local nurses by allowing them to participate in a world-connecting ministry, and to international medical missionaries by allowing them access to the supplies they need at no cost to them. 

As April said, it’s a little big project.  Hopefully, it will make a difference in a big need. 


One thought on “The power of presence and living it out

  1. Angela, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend my birthday than sleeping on your couch! I can identify with your power of presence thing. Thanks so much for all your inspiring “Rice Krispies!” Project Crappe’ really appreciates you! 😉 Love ya!

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