Better late than never- Yeah God!

This post is a little late, but it’s still worth sharing because it’s a cool “Yeah God!” moment.

About two weeks ago, I was headed down the hardwood stairs at home (Seattle home) to my room when I fell.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a little trip-quick recovery kind of fall; I landed on my back and head several times on different stairs before I hit the landing. 

I didn’t break or sprain anything, but I did go into shock and developed a lovely headache.  [Side note: if you ever decide to go into shock, do it around my family.  Sher will provide great buddy care for you, and everyone will take turns watching you to make sure you don’t go to sleep.  They’ll even put your feet up on a stack of pillows.]  I felt and looked like a zombie, but didn’t really care.

Instead of a normal church service that night, we watched Amazing Grace, which I really wanted to see, and I figured that I could totally zone out and not offend anyone during the movie.  After church, I asked my pastor to pray for me, and he did. 

I went home, took a hot bath at the recommendation of my mom, and went to sleep.   I woke up the next morning feeling as if nothing had ever happened.  There has been no soreness, stiffness, or bruising since.  I’m quite sure that it has everything to do with Jesus!


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