Where to now? [part 4]

Over the next few years, I learned a lot.  I learned a lot about missions- how it’s not just in the going but also in the living life right here, right now, wherever “here” is.  I found out a lot about the needs of people around the world, though, in several different settings. 

In December 2005, I went to the World Missions Summit in Louisville, Kentucky.  I was surrounded by 400 missionaries from around the world and 3,000+ college students (including several friends from ASU and my sister) as we were presented with the needs for missionaries around the world.  The challenge was given: give a year, and pray about a lifetime.  The idea behind the challenge is simple: many college students and recent graduates have the flexibility and freedom to give a year as well as recently developed skills that could help with a big need.  Whether or not God calls them to spend their lives overseas, a year is enough to give a little more perspective on the need for the rest of their lives.

By this point, I had already decided that I would use the last year of my scholarship at ASU and stay for a year instead of graduating.  I wanted to invest more time in missions on my campus, and that year allowed for it. 

Over the course of my last two years at ASU, I learned a lot about the needs around the world.  A roommate’s church connection allowed us the privilege of hosting a couple who serves with Wycliffe Bible Translators for dinner one night, and we got to hear about progress and need in Bible Translation.  A group called the Traveling Team, a mobilization team, visited Chi Alpha several times and discussed the Biblical basis for missions as well as practical things college students can do to be a part of what God is doing around the world.  Katie Bailey (see her blog on the blogroll) went to the Netherlands for two years to help plant a church.  I heard from several different sources about the growth of the church in India and the effectiveness of native missionaries there in multiplying churches. 

Before I knew it, I was looking graduation in the face.  Ok, maybe it was really 8 months away, but there’s something about being a senior (even if it is your third year as a senior) that makes May seem sooner than it ever did before!  And I had some fabulous ideas about what I could do after graduating!


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