Changing families

It’s amazing how a moment in time- a commitment made in a relatively short amount of time- can drastically change one’s life.  Of course, if those commitments are to last, they must be preceded by thought and followed through on daily.  The commitment to follow Jesus certainly fits into this category, as does marriage.  In both cases, the commitment changes not only the life of the one making it, but also the lives of those around that person. 

The last few months and the next two will have been the most wedding-filled of my life to this point.  I expect the “weddingness” I’m experiencing to be outdone only by my own wedding planning at some point when I’m making the “I got the invitations!” phone calls.  Two weddings in less than five months makes for a lot of fun, and I do mean that!  I am so happy for both couples.

It’s the first time in my life that I have had cause to really think about the change that happens.  I was discussing it with a friend, and I realized that these families really are changing.  While my sister and her finance will always be a part of my family, they will be forming an entirely new and separate family when they get married.  If they didn’t, that would be a problem!  This new family thing happened when my parents got married (over 26 years ago!), but I don’t usually think about it, given that I wasn’t around for it.  However, when people ask me about my family, I discuss my immediate family.

I’m thankful for the chance to watch these changes (given my lack of love for brand-new things) with close friends and look forward to the day when I’ll have my own little family.


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