Week’s update: Taste and See that the Lord is Good


1. I got to eat some banana bread that literally allowed me to taste and see that the Lord is good.  One of my girls made some banana bread and gave me a loaf.  The Lord is good because it not only tasted good, but she also enjoyed making it.  That’s evidence of God’s good work to transform fear into fun!

2. The Macedonia team is flying into Thessaloniki.  For a nerd like me, that’s exciting.  How often do you get to fly into the name of a book of the Bible?  For me, never before (because Philippians and the Philippines are NOT the same).

3. This was the first week of the online Beth Moore study on “Believing God” with the female student leaders for XA, and I’m learning a lot.  It’s nothing revolutionary or new, but it is transformational truth that I need to soak up more and more. 

4. I love love love my girls’ group.  We met for the first time tonight, began to share our hearts with one another, and had a ton of fun.  I look forward to a great semester. 

5. I modified a new recipe for a brand-new kind of pumpkin cookie.  They looked funny, but tasted great!

And now, off to Girls’ Getaway! 


3 thoughts on “Week’s update: Taste and See that the Lord is Good

  1. I love physical examples of spiritual things greater. Taste and see that the Lord, He is good. Coffee and dark chocolate.

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