Turkish coffee is definitely in my future

because it’s traditional in Macedonia.  Not just one cup, mind you- three!  There’s a beginning cup, a during-the-conversation cup, and a finishing cup.  Macedonians are said to enjoy long conversations (with Turkish coffee), which is a perfect cultural match for our team.  Who knows just how much time we will have for said conversations, but every trip I’ve ever been on has involved more just-hang-out-and-be time with locals than most people make for it in the States.  I don’t expect this trip to be an exception.

I discovered this due to Jenni’s research on Macedonia for a speech.  She graciously practiced it for our team during Tuesday’s meeting, and we learned about the geography and culture of Macedonia in the process.  Jonathan provided some Macedonian folk music, and by the end of it, we were much more familiar with our destination.  There’s still a lot to learn, and we’re looking forward to the learning both before and during the trip.

On Turkish coffee: Suggestions have been made that I increase my consumption of caffeine on a regular basis for the next few months to build up my tolerance for it.  Frankly, that sounds a little nuts to me.  I would like to sleep, I can skip the random twitches, and more caffeine has never increased my tolerance in the past.  Three weeks of caffeine can’t be that bad, really.


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