Question for you:

This is for those of you who read and never comment- this is your chance.  This question was asked of me today during our Macedonia collect-stuff-for-the-garage-sale time, and it was interesting to both ponder and hear about, so I’m throwing it out to you.  I’ll answer it in a few days.

If you could accomplish any one thing given every resource you needed and failure as a non-option, what would you do?


4 thoughts on “Question for you:

  1. Well I already told you what I think, but I want to impact the world for Christ, completely without fear, and do amazing things. I want to go where no one has ever gone, do things no one has ever done, see things no one has ever seen before, and be a powerful witness to the glory of God. Basically as much crazy Jesus as is possible in this life. Not too far out of reach?

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