Hello from Las Vegas!

I’m sitting in the airport, posting this to end my 48 hours in Las Vegas.  I was here for work (I know, strange to go to Vegas when you work at a school, but it was for a convention) with another coworker.  Neither of us is the “Las Vegas type,” whatever that is, but we had a really fun time last night wandering around following our careful plan to see a few (free) cool things on the Strip. 

My favorite by far was the fountains at the Bellagio.  We ended up seeing it twice, and I learned that the shows are different in both music and water choreography.  I’ll post a picture when I get home, but a picture can’t show the finesse and majesty.  The gardens inside the Bellagio are also beautiful and not to be missed.

The coolest thing about this trip was the work of Jesus before and throughout it.  When I found out that the convention I needed to go to would be in Las Vegas, I thought about how interesting it had the potential to be.  I know that my values are quite different from those of some of my coworkers, and I know that the possibility of vastly different opinions of what we should do in the evenings could have been great.  Given the choice, though, of worrying until I got more information (several months) or trusting Jesus to work it out one way or the other, Jesus won.

He also worked it out.  I found out months ago that I would be going with a sweet woman from work who glows with the kindness of Jesus.  We have had a delightful time together whether we were eating dinner and praying together first, sharing our stories of how God has been faithful to us or walking the strip appreciating the same things (and avoiding the same things).  

The conference was helpful, though not particularly fun and exciting.  Elvis did visit during lunch today, which was entertaining.  I feel more equipped to do my job better, and that’s good.  A little time dedicated to stepping back and reflecting on what we are doing well and not has been a positive thing for me.

Jesus is good in Las Vegas.   


Edit: It’s now 11:44 pm, somewhere around 8 hours after I wrote this the first time.  The time in between consisted of trying to go standby on an earlier flight (it had 23 people in line for standby in front of us), eating yummy dinner (somewhat rare in airports), getting on our plane (then rocking back and forth in 70mph gusting winds on the tarmac), getting off the plane after an hour, then, to make a long story short, missing our original flight when it finally left 4 hours late when the airport reopened. 

I’m hoping to get out of Las Vegas by 2 am…yeah for free internet access!!


One thought on “Hello from Las Vegas!

  1. I see you must have made it. I was really concerned when you didn’t show up on time. Then I thought you’d pick up squishy in the AM.
    Welcome home,PTL

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