Conference in quotes

This weekend was the Take My Life conference.  No, it’s not a suicide conference.  It’s a conference for college students in Arizona with the theme of prayer, mission, and justice.  The main speaker this year was Adam Cox from the 24-7 prayer movement.  There’s a lot to be written from the three sessions he did, but until I process it more, I’ll go with a quote from each session.  The theme was love (for God, our communities, and the world).  These quotes are good cause for thought.

Last night was on treasuring Jesus:

“There are no short cuts to treasuring Jesus.  The potter forms the clay by pushing His weight (glory) into it.  We must learn to treasure Jesus in every season of the soul.”

This morning was on loving in community:

“It is just as important who you are called with as what you are called to do or where you are called to go.”

This afternoon was on loving the world:

“For God to want anything valued above Himself would be for Him to want less than the best for us.”  My paraphrase: God wants His highest glory which is also our greatest joy.

Yes, He is our greatest joy, and He is the sweetest delight and deepest pleasure of my soul.


One thought on “Conference in quotes

  1. I was able to talk to Pastor MacFee about the conference on Sunday in his kitchen, and it sounded really cool. From what I heard, the speaker did an awesome job of being sincere and real, not contrived. Wish I could have been there, but I am glad that some of my men were able to go.


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