Puking (on) friends

Call it what you want- having “real” conversation, being honest, asking for help, puking- but do it. 

I sat in my kitchen tonight slightly caffeinated and with low blood sugar, and verbally “puked” on a roomie and several friends.  And it was ok.  We talked and I agonized and they listened and we all joked about the messiness of life.  I know that they will love me and tell me what I need to hear but not take my puke too seriously.  They know me well enough to know what is out of the moment and what is reflective of my heart.  They know what needs to be addressed with truth and what needs to be humored.

I realize that this is a very different post from the last one, and you should probably read the last one instead of this one.    If you’re grossed out by the word “puke,” I’m sorry.

Still, if you don’t have friends you can “puke” on, it’s worth it to pray for and develop those friendships.  A safe place is worth a lot.

Oil and perfume make the heart glad, so a (wo)man’s counsel is sweet to his/her friend. 

Proverbs 27:9


3 thoughts on “Puking (on) friends

  1. love love love, i feel privileged to have seen you in such a state. well it’s true, we all need to have those moments, and it’s dangerous to be like that with nobody rational (i.e. friends) around. even more dangerous if… well, you know what i’m talking about…

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