Introducing the Macedonia Team!


Don’t worry- if you are supporting my trip, it did not go to fund these outfits.  They were entirely free from the items donated to the garage sale.

Jenni and Ryan decided to dress as superheroes and go to Chick-fil-a to rescue us some lunch.  Rachael went along to video the whole thing.  If you’re on Facebook, you can see the videos there.  I’ll try to upload one here at some point.

Jenni made an interesting comment as we ate lunch back at Justin’s parents’ house where we were selling (then giving away) a lot of stuff.  It was something along the lines of, “Now we know what it feels like to be total outsiders in a new place, just like we will be in Macedonia.” 

Maybe more importantly, we now know that we go with team members who have no fear of public ridicule.  The guy who took Jenni’s order asked if she dressed like that all the time.  Her answer?

“Only on Saturdays.”


9 thoughts on “Introducing the Macedonia Team!

  1. but the hmmmmm is good. Definitely is a great memory to hold onto. Reminds me of my wild days. only I didn’t just dress like that on saturdays… it was an EVERYDAY event! 🙂

  2. wow, seeing the pictures and videos of this event absolutely made my day!
    You guys are awesome!

    and in response to josh, if you look at the videos on Angela’s facebook, maybe the guitar will make a little bit more sense. or maybe it’ll make even less sense, but for sure it’ll give you a good laugh. 🙂

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