Good news indeed!!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this is.  I just met with Xin, a Chinese friend that I met through my grammar class two years ago.  That year, I got to tell her and three other friends about the Gospel in a description of what Easter is.  (By the way, holidays are a great way to share the Gospel with international students.) 

We talked, as normal, about her classes, then she broke the news:

She and her husband have decided to follow Jesus.  It was just the two of them, and they looked up an email with instructions on how to pray from another friend, then prayed together. 

We read John 3 together, where Jesus talks about being born again, and discussed water baptism.  They may be baptized in my pool. 

Please pray for them as they start walking out this new life.  Pray that the busyness of life will not choke out the growth that God wants to develop in them, and that they will follow steadfastly.  Praise Him for His work to bring them to Himself.


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