Etiquette says,

When you open a door for a lady (or anyone, for that matter!) and she says, “Thank you,”  you respond with something along the lines of:

“You’re welcome.”

The response I got today after a young man opened a door for me and my mom was,

“Someone told me to.  Don’t be flattered.”

I waited until we were an appropriate distance away from him to look at my mom and laugh.  She heard it clearly too, and we both got quite a laugh out of it.  Don’t worry- I wasn’t flattered. 😛


3 thoughts on “Etiquette says,

  1. “Jonathan says”

    Hopefully his mom or dad was teaching him how to honor ladies, and he just has a little more to learn.


  2. geez what a jerk. he’ll never be getting any girls that way. good thing it wasn’t me, I woulda been like “boy, didn’t yo mama teach you any manners? i don’t need no boo like yo’self to treat me like I ain’t a lady!” and give him the black soul-sistah glare.

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