Bad at this Game

I know, it’s odd that I’m posting at 4 am…it’s just that I slept most of the day yesterday, I took ibuprophen to cut the fever and headache so I could sleep, and I finally feel good enough to turn my computer on.  I had grand plans (well, grand once my original and beloved plan of going to Tucson and watching God do His thing there ended when I came home sick) to catch up on all sorts of things, blogging included. 

What did I do instead?  I alternated between sleeping and staring at the inside of my eyelids while awake.  I did finally finish the last 75 pages of Black by Ted Dekker before getting too tired to read.  Yeah!

My conclusion?  I’m bad at this being-sick game.  Beyond that, the next few weeks are pretty full, and I’d really like to be able to live them well.  Thanks for your prayers, and if you have anything is particular you’d like me to pray about, post a comment or send an email.  I have lots of extra time for that!

Oh yeah- pray for my roomies as well.  One has pneumonia, and one has an ear infection and sinus infection.


3 thoughts on “Bad at this Game

  1. While you’re sitting around bored you can continue to pray for preparations for Rwanda. I’m still not done with my curriculum!!!!
    Also, I just found out yesterday that Ezekial, the hospitals only pharmacist had died. It’s a hard time for the Kibogora Hospital so I’m sure they would appreciate your prayers too.
    Love ya! I’ll be praying for you and Macedonia team. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. sheez, what’s with all the sickies in your house? well, whatever, i hope you didn’t try to go to church or anywhere today. know what’s so hard about being sick? it forces you to relax and do nothing.

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