And the diagnosis is…

undetermined.  Or, random ick that should be taken care of with antibiotics, codiene-infused cough syrup, rest, and lots of liquids.  The good news is that my lungs don’t sound too bad. (I’m choosing to believe that’s good news!)

I am feeling better, doctor’s visit aside.  I ate breakfast at the dining room table this morning, a sign of great victory at this point.  I got away from the pharmacy without the standard “are-you-on-birth-control-because-if-you-are-this-will-make-it-less-effective” lecture from the pharmacist, another positive sign. 

The last three days spent flat on my back and bonding with my pillow (I know, you thought I was already sufficiently bonded!) have been quite unproductive externally, but I have (re)learned several things.

1. I have a lot to be thankful for, namely (and this is the short list), my roomies who have taken care of me, Jenni’s visits, complete with Jamba Juice, the prayers of so many people, Wayne and Erma’s phone calls to check on me and offer help, a roommate who gets me in to see the doctor she works for asap, text messaged prayers (to God but via my phone), a patient boss who covers my job for me even during testing week, “Hakuna Matata” accompanied by an iphone, an e-card to make me smile, and so much more.

2. It is possible to eat a banana (or several over the course of days) lying down and not choke. 

3. Even your roommates who love you will laugh when, on the 4th day of being sick and after 3 days of refusing soup, you eat chicken noodle soup for breakfast.

4. The world doesn’t need me.  I knew this before, but it’s a good thing to be reminded that life continues unabated without me involved.  It’s easy for me to get caught in the lie of busyness that says that “if I don’t ______, x, y, or z horrible thing could happen!” While x, y, and z may be possibilities, there’s a lot more grace and mercy available than I usually acknowledge.

5. Sometimes, it just feels nice to put your head at the foot of your bed for awhile.

6. It is possible to do nothing for an entire day and be absolutely exhausted.

7. I was last at the doctor almost exactly a year ago.  Or so he said today.  At least I haven’t had bronchitis and sinusitis for 8+ weeks now!  Is this a sign that I’m getting smarter??

8. Psalm 92:12-15 is a great chunk of scripture to pray for oneself and other people.  It describes lots of good things and finishes with:

“…to declare that the LORD is upright; He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.”



Edit/Update: 7:30pm

I know at least 10 friends, not including myself or two recovering roommates, who are sick with various things and various symptoms.  My roommates are both recovering; the one with pneumonia drove me to the doctor today and went to class and work for the first time in a week and a half.

All that is to say please continue to pray for the health of the Macedonia team (half of which is sick), my girls’ group (all but one of us are sick), and the other sickies. 


7 thoughts on “And the diagnosis is…

  1. I’m pretty sure that God can heal regardless of whether the disease has a name or not. 🙂 Still praying for you, and I’m so glad that you are resting (even though I know it’s not the most exciting thing in the world).

    Love you!

  2. yay, i’m glad you ate soup, and you have medicine, and are getting better. i ate tortilla chips and kept it down. God is good!

  3. We would have brought chicken soup but it wouldn’t have been from a Jewish grandmother.
    So glad you are doing better.

  4. Thanks Jenni, for taking care of the kid while we couldn’t be there. She still needs someone to keep her straight.
    By the by did you get sick too? and who has pneumonia and are they better? Praying for the whole bevy of you.

    Jenni’s right “God is good”

  5. You failed to mention your disease is potent enough to infect through phone lines!

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Ill pray you have the patience to wait for full health:)

  6. basically all of chi alpha got the plague, a nasty stomach bug of some kind, myself included. i am through the worst of it though, thanks to lots of rest, prayers, ibuprofen, and friends visiting.

    and yes, angela, i expect not to see you at the contact table tomorrow, at the doctor’s prescription for rest, you should take it easy, and only participate in Chi Alpha tomorrow night if you are completely rested, because it is at your house. And no you’re not allowed to help set up anything or do anything to help at all. Doctor’s orders. And God’s. Well, mine really. but i’m sure the doctor and God agree.

  7. Oh Angela, if only I were a grandmother than I could bring you the chicken noodle soup. Alas it seems that I myself have had quite the challenge in trying to keep you healthy over the years. At any rate, I’m glad you’re on the mend.

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