A visual for the current state of my life

This is from my trip north a few weeks ago. We stopped in Jerome on our way home, and popped into a store filled with kaleidoscopes. This picture was taken from one outside the door. The focus is on a planter filled with flowers, and every turn makes a different but beautiful view.

And such is my life. I’m finally feeling mostly better, and there are a lot of amazing things both in my life currently and coming into view. My brain isn’t quite sure how to interpret it all, and if I think about things too long, it feels like the grasp of my faith is about to fail- like I’m adjusted to one image, and the focus is turning slightly and I’m going to have to adjust all over again. The edges are fuzzy, too.

But beyond all that, the view is beautiful. And the next view is beautiful, even if it does take me a minute to adjust.


5 thoughts on “A visual for the current state of my life

  1. But it’s a picture of life.
    Just like I’ve been telling you.
    You only know the past. “Abraham took hold of GOD’s hand and walked backwards”* Seeing how HE worked in the past and trusting for the future. It’s called Faith.
    Not that we don’t trust the future we just don’t know how it will be worked out.
    God will go with you over the mountains and across the rivers and even when writing the book.
    We are so glad you are better.
    We will still pray for you.

    *Quote from a minister friend.

    to all yours

  2. Hey Ang,

    It’s like the one in Dorothy Oberto’s garden. I LOVE IT! At every turn it gets better, and you can’t quite figure out which spot is best. Or maybe it’s just always the spot you are in at that moment.

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