short but sweet

This weekend was delightful.  It was full and short and sweet.  There’s lots of good stuff rolling around in my brain, and when it’s a little more processed, I’ll post about it more.

For now, I know that Jesus is the best at expressing His lavished love in diverse ways, and I’m blessed to know Him.


11 thoughts on “short but sweet

  1. i’m guessing the chance to be in a 13 week old church plant saturday night, singing her favorite songs sunday morning, and a potluck/baptismal sunday afternoon. did i miss anything?

  2. who says we’re jumping to conclusions? the very fact that there was a lot left unspecified is fair grounds for us to use our powers of deduction as good friends ought to.

    hey, at least there was no mention of some clothing purchased at target friday night a few hours before arriving in tempe.

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