The end of last weekend…a week late

This was a major delight of last weekend- Katie got baptized! We gathered around the pool, sang “How Great is Our God,” listened to Katie share what God has done in her life, and they ventured into the water. [Side note: I had been bugging my landlady and stressing out about the condition of my pool for weeks. A week earlier, it resembled a pond more than a pool. You’ll notice that the water is still murky, but at least it is not forest green! Katie, Shawn, and Candi gave me a hard time about it but were still willing to go in.]

I love baptisms, and it was especially cool to see Katie be baptized knowing what God has done in her life. I am so excited to see what He does with the rest of it. The last three years have been incredible, and I know there’s more to come! It was also her 21st birthday, so we celebrated with cake and banana parfaits.

It was a special thing for me because I have wanted to see that pool used to baptize someone since I moved into this house. Who knows when I’ll have such easy (in my backyard!) access to a baptismal?! It was also a great afternoon for me to personally celebrate the work of Jesus in this house over the past few years. I’m not sure how many people were here, but pretty much everywhere was filled with people. The best part was that it wasn’t just filled with random people, but with brothers and sisters in Jesus who know and love each other well. It wasn’t an odd thing- it was normal life.

Next up: fall planning meeting. We finished dessert and asked everyone who was still there and willing to participate in Welcome Week (the week before school starts) to stay. Thankfully, a lot of freshman stayed to augment the leadership team, which was required to be there. We discussed what worked and didn’t last year and came up with some creative ideas and ways to tweak things so that they are better.

Somewhere in there, a bunch of people cleaned up most of the potluck mess. Thank you to whoever did that…it was a lovely surprise! People headed out, and Katie, Amanda, Jonee, Josh, and I hung out in the living room for awhile. That’s something we don’t do often- the living room is used mostly when we have other people over (which is multiple times a week), but we usually talk to each other after just wandering into each other’s rooms. We had an entertaining and educational discussion before making our way to some of the best food in the the neighborhood- Pita Jungle!! I tried not one, but two new things there, and enjoyed them.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out and reflecting on the weekend, and I cried as I realized how Jesus had delighted my heart and demonstrated His love and care in so many personal ways. I cry a lot these days, and it was nice to cry about something so sweet.


5 thoughts on “The end of last weekend…a week late

  1. this post has inspired me to immediately lose 20 pounds. whew.

    the actual event inspired me in a whole bunch of other ways though.

    concerns about catching unheard of diseases or stepping on dead squirrels in that cesspool were still quite exaggerated imo.

    but seriously, dirty pools, false starts and everything else aside, it was a cool celebration of new beginning, community, and a familial love that really is pretty extraordinary.

    yum pita jungle.

    the rest of the night was pretty good too=)

    (and no jenni, no extra accountability sessions necessary)

  2. crying is good. especially when you have something so amazing to cry about. i going to cry soon, watch out. god is so good, he loves you—a lot. i mean really, you have no idea. probably a good thing, because if you knew the half of it, you would skip the cry part and just die. but he loves you too much for that too. oh well, and i love you too. we all do. i’m going to cry.

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