So little time

and so much to say!  The last few days have been full and bittersweet.  I’m choosing to focus on the sweet- it’s more fun, and the bitter will be there regardless of whether I focus on it or not!

The XA End of the Year Banquet was Friday night.  It was a great night, and I did my best to follow Shawn’s wise advice to, “Soak it in.”  I cried pretty much the whole time I spoke, but my filipino handkerchief did its job well.  By the end of the night, it was soaked enough that it didn’t do a whole lot of good.  Oh well.  I had been 20% looking forward to it and 80% dreading it, mostly because I knew what it would mean as another last.  It really was sweet, though, and it was fun to remember the year. 

We did two songs at the end: “Blessed Be Your Name” and “Prince of Peace.”  I’ll probably make a post at some point about “Blessed Be Your Name,” so for now it’ll suffice to say that it was an appropriate choice.  “Prince of Peace” was fun to listen to as the guys stepped up and sang their part.  It’s meaningful mostly because I remember back in the day when “the guys” consisted of Shawn, and the girls’ part was pretty much all that could be heard.  That wasn’t the case this year.

Afterward, a bunch of us headed to the hot tub where I once again (and I’m sorry for the horrible pun) tried to “soak it in.”  At this point, it’s not so much words as presence that I crave.  I want to be here well as long as I’m here.  What I said on Friday night- be who you are where you are- is what I want to do for the rest of my life.  It’s particularly pressing right now.  In that vein, I felt it was important to put up a good fight when the boys tried to remove me from the hot tub and throw me into the pool.  (Side note/question: Is this really why they say I’m intimidating? :P)

Saturday morning was time for the last Goodwill trip on a half-price Saturday.  I found the perfect pair of Goodwill jeans after 5 years of searching and enjoyed the morning with my girls, who also found some amazing clothes for amazing prices.   I got to have lunch with Xin and her husband before I tried (in vain!) to take a nap.  Then, I got to spend the rest of the evening with  Ashley.  She is even snap-happier than I am, so in an hour long walk/trip to the park, she took over 30 pictures.  


One thought on “So little time

  1. Yeah for those Filipino handkerchiefs. Goodbyes definitly stink but they do remind us of just how alive we are at the moment (with the pain) and the joys that have led up to such bittersweet partings. The good news…many more joys are on the horizon. The bad news…maybe also a few more bittersweet goodbyes to remind you of the joys. It’s a great journey. hang on girl.

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