Off to Macedonia- for real, this time!

In 12 hours, I will be leaving my house for Sky Harbor Airport to begin this trip.  Am I packed?  Um…well, I’ve made the (hopefully last) Target run, gone through my missions trip packing list to make sure that I have everything, and a good chunk of my clothes are already packed for the move to Seattle so there aren’t many to choose from.  The laundry is done, and my room is a royal mess.

And what will I be doing tonight (besides packing and finishing the prayer cards that will be mailed on the way to the airport tomorrow; I’m sorry for their tardiness!)?  Making hot fudge sundae cake and having girls over to help eat it.  Renee and Jenni are living here for the weekend, so we’re 99% of the way to a party already. 

In the last week, the Macedonia team has learned a step routine (yep, that’s right.  Yours truly is part of a step routine.  This is one reason for you to pray.), a really powerful non-verbal drama that will not require translation into Macedonian, and how to make balloon animals.  I can now make a pirate sword, a ninja sword, a dog, and a bird.  It took several sacrificial balloons in the process, but I’m excited to be able to use them with the kids.  

It’s really happening.  It’s been 7-8 months in the planning now, and it’s almost go time.  I’ll do my best to post if/when we get to an internet cafe, but emails will be limited if the time and internet situation is anything like it was in South Africa last year. 

If you want to see a prayer card, you can click here: Macedonia 2008

******     ******    ******     ******     ******

Random bits that could be full posts if my bag (yes, beg) for Macedonia was packed:

Random bit #1:check out Romans 5:1-2, especially the last phrase of verse 2.  It’s my new favorite verse.

Random bit #2:I was shocked to walk into a surprise see-you-later party last night.  I cried and felt so privileged to have been a geographically proximate part of this community for the last few years.  

Random bit #3:I got a whole slew of cards from my kids for my last day at work on Thursday.  Some of them were pretty hilarious, and I hope to post quotes from a few at some point.

Random bit #4:I love talking about Renee and Jenni coming “home” to my house these days.


4 thoughts on “Off to Macedonia- for real, this time!

  1. Hi Angela! I hope you have a wonderful trip. I’ll be praying for you. I can’t wait till we both get back home so we can have minty coffee and share our Rice Krispies! Love ya!

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