Shutka: a puppy named Angela and a gypsy child’s prayer

And this is the grace and glory, respectively, of short term missions.

This has been quite the week in many ways.  We got to work on the last part of the Convoy of Hope project in Negotino for a day this week and bagged hundreds of kilos of rice and beans for distribution to the community.  Last Saturday, families signed up for the humanitarian food aid, and we bagged it so that it can be given out. 

We also worked on an office space for Brian in Shutka and helped at the church property out there in between lunches at the soup kitchen and playing with the kids.  We did balloon animals, step routine, puppetry- today was on forgiveness- and carnival games.  One little girl finds me each time we arrive and attaches herself to my side.  Today, Brian called me ‘Angelika,’ which is one way to translate my name into Macedonian, and one of the kids corrected him and told him I was ‘Angela.’  I was amused.  I also found out that they named some new puppies for me and several other teammates. 

I learned that the ‘teacher look’ is international and crosses cultures.  It’s come in really handy as the kids in Shutka are generally undisciplined and need encouragement to follow the directions they’ve been given. 

Today, I was incredibly humbled as the 9 of the ~50 children at the children’s ministry service in Shutka this morning were assigned a team member to pray for.  The most precious moments on several trips have been when the local church prayed for the team, and today ranks pretty high on that list.  There’s something about hearing a child pray in his heart language, asking Jesus to bless you, that is incomparable.

Tomorrow we get to go to church in Skopje in the morning and Shutka in the evening.  I can’t wait.

I am feeling the wrecking that God is doing day by day and moment by moment.  I’m reading more of The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which is compounding what I’m seeing and experiencing.  My heart is full of thoughts and ideas and questions and ache.  

May His kingdom come more and more, and may His will be done on the earth as it is in heaven.  May we be faithful to the call to ‘come and die.’   


3 thoughts on “Shutka: a puppy named Angela and a gypsy child’s prayer

  1. Hi Ang~It’s really Mom. We are at Bandon and I just read your update to Grammie and Auntie Beth. We are trying to teach Payshience to walk, but I’m not sure Auntie is so enthusiastic. We are praying or you.
    Grammie says to keep up the good work.
    Love you!!!!

  2. Hi Ang! I’m really enjoying reading your posts. I can’t wait until you get home then we can share some minty coffee, rice crispies, and fun pictures. Isn’t God awesome!?! Love ya!

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