one more example…

I can’t remember how often I posted about it, but my job directing the after school 21st Century program was a little stressful last year.  I had never been trained in administration, and beyond knowing that I could be bossy (childhood taught me that), didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  It was a brand new-to-our-school program, and no one at the school had any experience with it.  My boss, the assistant principal, had written the grant that funded it, and she was an amazing support all the way.

Still, there were many days when I didn’t know what to do or what crisis I would face as I arrived.  I would pray my way to work: “God, you gave Joseph wisdom in his job, and he fed countries through a famine.  You gave Daniel wisdom in his job, and helped lead a country under three administrations through weird politics.  I know that my after school program is no challenge for You, so please give me wisdom and love for my kids so I can serve them well.”

And day by day, moment by moment, crisis after crisis, He did.  It didn’t always feel smooth, and rarely was, but there were many times that the answer to a problem came just when I needed it.  Often, staff members would go above and beyond what they were required to do to help out.  I would find the exact item I needed, or have an idea for an activity that had to be from Him.

The year ended for me before the school year ended as I left for Macedonia.  I said goodbye and took home boxes of cards.  

I felt bad leaving the program as it was.  There was still a lot of paperwork and reporting to do that I had to leave to my boss along with a cd of files that she would need.  It was hard to shake the feeling that I had done a bad job at work as I left Monday morning for Macedonia.

Fast forward 3 weeks to an airport stateside.  I checked my voicemail and had a message from my boss saying that the program had been selected by the district as an exemplary program and that she would let me know when the ceremony would be so I could come back for it if I wanted.  She also thanked me for having the files ready to go and said that the reporting was coming along well.  

It’s one more example of God’s strength showing up in my weakness and His wisdom coming through in my need.  He is indeed good beyond my expectations.


2 thoughts on “one more example…

  1. God is good.

    I heard a quote recently: “When you are where you have been assigned (by God), you have no rivals.”

    You were assigned!

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