Not so unique…

But I’m happy to share the punkeydoodle love.

My mom and I found a shop yesterday called, “Punky Doodlebugs.”  It is a store just north of Portland that sells toys, books, and mothering supplies.  It’s super cute.  If I’m going to share a name that I thought was more unique than it apparently is, it’s a great place!

My mom has called me “Punkeydoodle” for as long as I can remember, and it was the one nickname that was only used for me.  It’s still fun, and it was fun to find the store together yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Not so unique…

  1. But do they have any doodlebugs?
    ( ant lions )
    Insects of the order Neuroptera, family Myrmeleonidae

    They make a little conicle pit in the sand and wait at the bottom until an ant falls in.

    My father taught me to stick a straw in it and call “doodlebug, doodlebug”.

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