oh Kosovo

I’m trying to catch up a bit of Macedonia stuff and share a few more pictures.  Today, it’s Kosovo.  

We got to Skopje on a Monday, and that night we had a team meeting to figure out how to use our day off- Tuesday.  We settled on Kosovo, which is just over the hill from Skopje.  After stopping at the border to get our “UN MIK” (Mission in Kosovo) stamps in our passports, we saw some of the countryside on our way in.  This is a common sight: two speed limit signs, one for tanks and one for trucks.  We didn’t see very many tanks, but we did see a lot of UN and NATO vehicles from various countries.

We stopped by the local US base, and saw a little Thai restaurant close to base.  We ended up going back there for a late but delicious lunch after seeing Prishtina:Brian parked in downtown, a few streets off from one of the main streets: Boulevardi Bill Klinton. (He is a great hero in Kosovo.)  This is just one piece of evidence for the impeccable parking skill of our host missionary. The actual distance between vehicles was no greater than 3 inches.

We walked around, got amazing espresso, almost got hit by a delivery truck, and Jenni found some incredible but slightly-too-small shoes.  

There was evidence of bombing around, like this cafe that still hasn’t been rebuilt, and the exposed rebar on the balcony next to it.  Otherwise, it was a fully functional city.  








We had our late lunch and headed home.  On the way to and from Kosovo, we got the inside scoop from Brian about the last several years in the area.  For one, the conflict in Kosovo was actually a great money maker for Macedonia.  There were several bases there, including a US base and a German base, and thousands of refugees.  He said that the theme song was, “Welcome to the Hotel Macedonia.”  He told cool stories about how they got to minister in the refugee camps.

Another side note, learned in travel, is that there is a great need for local Albanian missionaries to the Albanian population in Macedonia.  This population is mostly Muslim, and there is no established Albanian church.  Please pray that the Lord of the Harvest would raise up Albanian laborers in Macedonia.


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