Salvation, spring up from the ground

In both blog life and in-person life,I have been privileged to “watch” this several times over the last few days.  It makes my day, so I thought it might make yours better too.

The most recent was last night.  A father preached on the love of the Father and the rescue of the Good Shepherd as only a father can, and one of his daughters experienced the joy of salvation after the service.  As she prayed, her family (both related and spiritual) gathered around her.  It was so cool- there must be a better word for it- to watch a spiritual birth.  Maybe that is a similarity to physical birth; it never gets old or stale to watch.  There is a certain awe about the miracle of new birth and a celebration.  I know that Heaven’s celebration must be extraordinary, but watching a momma and daddy pray with their daughter and rejoice as she is found is pretty incredible.

On the other side of the world, Jesus is finding other “lost sheep.”  This is a quote from Dahvede’s blog, taken from an email from a friend of his:

“Tonight, we went to pray for a man in Pelehakewho has been diagnosed with AIDS (the 15th patient in Tonga….) It was such a blessing as his wife (hawaiian) was also there and they BOTH wanted to accept Jesus – neither one (not even the Methodist husband with AIDS) had EVER heard of inviting Jesus in to your life personally! It was incredible when the wife exclaimed, “I feel so free, like a burden of my past has been lifted” (I never even told her those was GOD) …WOW, GOD IS SO GOOD!!”

Finally, in a much less glamorous but still glorious way, the 12-year-old son of another blogger was found by Jesus and responded while in the car

This song has been running through my head for good reason.  May it be so today!

Salvation spring up from the ground
       Lord, rend the heavens and come down,

Seek the lost and heal the lame.
       Jesus, bring glory to your name.

Let all the prodigals run home,
      All of creation waits and groans.

Lord, we’ve heard of your great fame.
      Father, cause all to shout your name.

(“Salvation” by Matt Redman)


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