One (wo)man’s “reject” is another man’s “classic”

This is the story of a van.  Actually, it’s the story of two vans on a Sunday morning.  Simon and I got out to Van #1, the 90’s-and-decent van that is usually used to pick up kids who need a ride to Sunday School.  He turned the key, and nothing-absolutely nothing, not a whimper, not a pretend start, nothing- came out.  He tried several more times, and we finally decided to take another van. [insert a wee bit of stress about finding keys for another van.]  That’s where Van #2 comes in.

Van #2 is in that still-running-but-in desperate-need-of-help state.  It entered this world before I did, and we all know that cars don’t generally hit their prime after multiple decades.  The ceiling liner is falling down and would benefit from time with a staple gun; the insulation that would be covered by the ceiling liner is falling down and probably now in my lungs.  Oh yeah, and the gas gauge doesn’t work, but Simon and I didn’t know that until we got to the gas station (across the street from the church) and I got a phone call from my dad: 

“Tell him not to put the (gas) card in!  The gas gauge is broken.  Just go!”

By this time, all the extra time we had built in had evaporated, and we were glad to be able to go without taking time to fill the beast.  We left the gas station, and passed the pastor on his way to church, who gave us the “what in the world, why are you driving that van??” look.  Simon yelled out the window, “The other one is dead!”

Between the sad interior state and the broken gas gauge, (and oh yeah, the door that we worked on for 5 minutes to get it to open), I decided that this poor van was definitely a fit for the reject, use-it-only-if-you-have-to category.  Simon, on the other hand, calls it classic.  Maybe I should adopt his optimism, but I’m hoping that Van #1 is fixed by next week!

I wish I had some great lesson to learn from the reject classic van, but instead, we got some good laughs out of the ridiculousness of the morning and went to Sunday School, thankful for a back-up van packed full of kids who made it to church only a few minutes late.


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