quotes from Curt Harlow to make you laugh (and maybe think, too)

“Crushes are from God, if you keep them in balance.  Crushes are what make shy people actually eventually have children.” 

“Smell is a powerful thing, whether it be a fish taco or a girl.  ” 

“A mother is a person who takes more pleasure in the success of those she is mothering than in her own success.”

“Do you want to feel passion?  Find joy in others’ success.  Make it your mission in life to propel someone other than yourself.”  (I think this is the heart of discipleship when done for the glory of God.)

Curt Harlow, for those who aren’t familiar with him, is an XA campus pastor and all-around hilarious guy.  I was listening to a message he gave to college students and these quotes came up, among others.  He used story well to describe how the God-life is worked out in us, specifically addressing zeal from Romans 12.  If you want to listen to the whole thing (it’s kinda long, but pretty funny) let me know.

In other news, I interviewed* for a job today and got called back to teach a lesson tomorrow.  Please pray that God’s will is done in this whole job search process.

*The interview was my first for a job.  I recently realized that I’ve never interviewed for a job normally before; I’ve just been around a place and been offered a job.  I was called only because someone else cancelled at the last minute.  One more new thing down!

P.S. I made my own lavender-honey steamer tonight from the lavender next to our house and Macedonian honey.  Ah, the joys of domesticity!


2 thoughts on “quotes from Curt Harlow to make you laugh (and maybe think, too)

  1. so yeah, i’m just now getting around to reading this (dumb internet access) but I think the first quote in particular is interesting and not quite sure if i completely agree 🙂 but I do want to listen to this guy, he sounds funny

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