They’re doing it.

My girls (and the guys too, but I hear from the girls!) are doing it.  XA at ASU had the best welcome week yet, and 47 people went on the Beaver Creek hike on Labor Day.  I keep getting texts that delight me:

“I’m cooking in Renee’s kitchen…there is a Russian lady here that we met today on campus…”

“I’m going to Pitchforks [a dining hall on campus] with freshmen right now.”

Added to phone calls describing how they are reaching out to freshmen and loving people and doing the contact table and following through on commitments and taking ownership and planning 1:1s with new students, I couldn’t be prouder.

So to those of my girls (and Shawn) who read this: May God continue to be gracious to you and and bless you and cause His face to shine upon you, that His ways may be known in the earth.  I’m praying for you!


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