Bribery: lions in Africa

I’ve been bribing my students to follow directions and get ready to go home at the end of the day quickly for the last 3 days.  The treat?  I’ll tell them more of my “when I held lions in Africa” story.  So far, I’ve showed them the flight paths from the US to London to Joburg on the globe.  Then, the bell rang.  That was Friday.  I watched a kiddo touch the globe and say something along the lines of, “then she went down like this…”

You can see that we have made no progress over the last few days.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll get to the lions part.

Also, we survived our first power outage today.  It was due to an accident by a construction crew, and I’m happy to report that my class turned lemons into lemonade and wrote a great story about it together.  Despite a few comments about dying and being so scared, they were all fine and used a flash light in what one of them called, “the super dark place”- the bathroom.  I had never been more grateful for a large window and a door to outside, as there was enough natural light on a sunny day for them to read independently.


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