delights of a September day

-perfect weather: 70s and sunny

-time at Cornet Bay with friends + quietness, realizing that it may be my last time, but that I have a lot of good times there to be thankful for

-yummy lunch (including a bran muffin w/honey and a great rice/feta/spinach salad) at a food co-op in Mt. Vernon

-minty coffee and accompanying God conversation

-finding April a cute new outfit at the outlets

-a brief road trip

-realizing the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit to speak clearly

-God’s sense of humor

-partially red trees as the leaves begin to change- I’m pretty sure that April got tired of hearing, “Ooh, look at that one!” over and over again, but she didn’t complain!

-grace when I realize I’ve been wrong…and the goodness of God to provide it long before I delight in it


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