It all adds up.

+ Jesus time at the park 

+ a beautiful view of Mt. Ranier

+ a friendly stranger with a dog named Bambi

+ perfect weather (75 degrees and sunny)

+ the realization that I’m a Washingtonian- I wore shorts when it was 60 degrees out this morning in hope that the weather report would come true.  It did.

+ lectio divina 

+ the administrative genius of Jesus

+ conviction of my need to focus on the cross

+ baking pumpkin muffins and cookies

+ pumpkin oatmeal for dinner

+ the perfect shade of red covering a tree

+ hilarious times with the family (imagine moving an old-school big screen tv down a grassy hill)

+ laughing with my mom about random stuff

+ finishing the chapter on the contemplative tradition in Streams of Living Water

+ realizing that I am starting to settle into life, changes and all

+ sharing rice krispies

+ a friend noting my stubbornness and my subsequently increased appreciation for the grace of God

+ meaningful conversation with Jenni




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