Today, several friends and I practiced the Jewish tradition of tashlikh. It involves rocks, reflection, and remembrance.  The idea comes from Micah 7:19: You will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.

We ate lunch together after church, shared life, then discussed what we were about to do.  We headed down to Green Lake, dug up rocks and collected chestnuts to use as substitutes, read Psalm 103 and Micah 7:18-20, then took time to think and pray before throwing our rocks (and chestnuts) into the lake.

It was such a sweet time to remember that my sins were not only metaphorically thrown into the depths of the sea; they are truly remembered no more because of Jesus’ work on the cross.  I don’t get what I deserve because of Him.  It hit me earlier this week in a deeper way that Jesus felt the depth of the curse on the cross- physical agony, separation from God, the literal pain of sin.  So this physical action and the heart work involved were an appropriate response to the gratitude and appreciation that I pray will grow for the rest of my life.

It was also sweet to do it together.  Community looks different when spread over 30 miles than it does in 1 square mile, and to be quite honest, it’s a lot harder.  Such is life, though, so we’ll continue to learn how to make it happen and trust God with the distance involved.


2 thoughts on “Splash!

  1. this is really cool. i think if i think about it, it might make me cry. so deep. yikes. yay for community, even as hard as it is where you’re at.

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