Pirates and justice

I was babysitting last night and playing “Whoonu” (a Cranium game, the point of which is that the “Whoozit” orders four (or more) cards according to their preference) when Zachary got a card that said, “Pirates.” 

His comment?

“I can’t choose pirates because they don’t make peace.  I’m sorry, Angela, but I don’t like priates because they don’t make peace.”

True.  Just not typical talk for a first grader.

We then had an interesting discussion about recent pirate activity, how pirates do exist, and no, they don’t make peace.  I loved it.  I now owe him an update on what happened to the boat that was taken over by pirates and hidden in the pirate cove.


3 thoughts on “Pirates and justice

  1. Sorry, I guess I was asleep when I sent the last response.
    You are right Jenni. You never know what some will kids will turn out to be.
    I look forward to what Jenni and Angela will accomplish in the future. I know it will be great.

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