as close as I dare…

get to politics is this quote from my classroom earlier today:

[Imagine math discussion of pennies, Abraham Lincoln, his presidency, and the gate Monument on the tails side of the penny.]

1st Grader A: He got killed like this- boom! (complete with motions of gunshot to the head)

1st Grader B: It was George Bush!

The only link I found was the presidency…my mom’s suggestion was that everything at home gets blamed on Bush. I’m not sure what caused it, but kid B insisted that George Bush was responsible for Lincoln’s assassination.

Find a great imaginary friend kid quote here.


8 thoughts on “as close as I dare…

  1. i want to hang out with these kids. i feel like we have a lot in common and would get along great. i mean, come on, conspiracy theories, playground at recess, the ridiculous innocence/ignorance of a first grade mind… it doesn’t get much better than that!

  2. It must have been penny day… we were “examining them” in my class too, and the kids wanted to know why Abraham Lincoln didn’t have his hat on in his picture on the penny. They also were convinced that he was black, and wouldn’t believe me no matter how hard I tried to convince them that he wasn’t…

  3. The update is that today a different kid suggested that the face on the nickel belongs to “King Bush.”

    I noted that George Bush hadn’t been born when nickels were first used, so it couldn’t be the current president.

    The next suggestion?

    John McCain.

    Math was rounded out with a five-year old pronouncement that she was voting for Barack Obama.

  4. hahahaha, you have a class full of little political activists, watch out. heck, they probably know more than i do about the whole thing…

  5. Have they started asking who you will be voting for? That’s when I bring out my standard answer of “One of the great things about the US is that you can vote for whoever you want and you can keep your choice private!”

    Then we usually move on to “Even if we don’t like who’s in charge (or our families don’t like them), it’s important to treat the president with respect.”

    Super fun. 🙂

  6. Yesterday while carving pumpkins, one of the kids asked me who I voted for. My response was similiar to Tricia’s. She then told me was voting for Obama. When I asked her why she chose Obama she say “I don’t know, McCain just looks mean. Obama has more experience being president.”
    Hmm… I’m not exactly sure how that one works. Sadly, I think that this type of response is just limited to children who at least have an excuse for it. The more I chat with people the more I’m blown away how little they truly know about the candidates and what it is that makes them choose one over the other. OUCH!!!

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