Stealing: good? bad? both?

Right now, I’m going to choose both. I’ve had some stealing in my classroom recently, so I have had practice with defining it clearly. (It’s amazing what kids do for your acuity at defining black and white moral lines!) When the snack isn’t yours and you take it, that’s stealing, and it’s bad.

When an idea isn’t yours, but it was meant to be shared and you give credit for it, stealing is fabulous. The world of education highly values this principle, and rightfully so.

The following questions are from a post at, the blog of Boundless, one of my favorite go-to sites for matters of life importance, whether I agree or not. They are directed at unmarried females for consideration regarding the man they are considering marrying. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it does gives good pause for thought and prayer. There are more in the comments to the post. (See below.)


  • Will he be the spiritual leader of your home?
  • When you share with him your deepest spiritual thoughts, does he relate?
  • Do his life and conversation reveal that he is truly connected with the Savior?
  • Do his goals in life show that he wants to please the Lord above all?
  • Are his goals in life compatible with yours?


  • How does he handle anger?
  • Does he demonstrate emotional stability?


  • Do you respect him intellectually?


  • Does he have a gambling addiction?
  • Does he have a spending addiction?
  • How does he handle finances (budgeting, what he spends money on, tithing)?
  • Is he a diligent, dependable worker?
  • Does he make enough money to support you and future children?
  • Does he expect you to work outside the home, or does he expect you to stay home with the kids?

You can find the rest of the source and background here and here, respectively.


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