If I could have anything, I’d take*

  1. more of Jesus
  2. wisdom on loving well and the energy to do it
  3. a personal retreat
  4. a new kitchen for the church in Shutka and plenty of food to fill it and the little tummies there
  5. wardrobes for the kids of Molelowane
  6. gas for pastors’ motorcycles in the Philippines
  7. schools and homes for kids in Haiti who survived a horrible hurricane season
  8. the first 100 books on my “to read” list and time to read them
  9. my middle and high school kids to Mexico for a week to work with Pastor Juan and Mele
  10. a long trip to Arizona
  11. a daily nap
  12. pictures of my favorite memories
  13. instant teaching ability
  14. an unlimited iTunes account
  15. time to revisit South Africa, Macedonia, Mexico, and the Philippines
  16. a campfire under summer stars with all the people I love the most**

* subject to change

**stolen from Sara Groves and still absolutely true


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