on failure and the dumbing-down effect of stress

I think it might just be better to completely fail at something but not realize it than to feel every small bit of failure in what is generally acceptable.

Maybe not.  I don’t really want to find out.  I just despise feeling like I’m failing constantly.

Also, stress makes you dumber.  I’m sure of it.

In positive and non-whiny news, God still does all His work in faithfulness, and the earth is full of His lovingkindness (Psalm 33:4-5).  That’s good news I remind myself of every morning!


3 thoughts on “on failure and the dumbing-down effect of stress

  1. k kid, it sounds like it’s time for someone to speak some truth over herself…
    you know you’re called there by God, and it’s by His strength you get through a day, and in your weakness he is strong, yeah?
    and because He’s in charge, and not you, ‘failure’ is not really an issue by God’s standards, because he never fails, right?
    so what you or even other people might see as ‘failing’ in the very human sense of the word might in God’s eyes actually be succeeding splendidly, no?
    I think you are doing awesome. you are learning a ton, which is hard but good. even if it seems like failure now, just know that God is up to a lot more in the little things than we can ever even know.
    i’m prayin, I can’t wait til you get to come visit and i can give you a real big hug.

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