Election quotes

One of the intermediate classes at school put on a mock election for the kids today.  My kids loved it, and the conversation before school proves their political awareness (or lack thereof?)

from my classroom, [edited]:

“John McCain has a great personality, but he’d make a [horrible] president!”

(from a white student to an African-American student) “You should vote for Barack Obama because you’re the same color.  You should vote for Barack Obama because you used to be slaves.”

I was a little shocked and watched to see what the other kid would do.  He nodded a little and went back to looking at the miniature voter’s pamphlet in front of him.  I’m always amazed at how much kids pick up of their parents’ political views.

At my house, Simon voted for me for a Superior Court position last night.  He also wrote in family and church members for various other races for which there was a single candidate.  Katrina’s quote for the year:

“I’m only special because you voted for me twice!”

In all seriousness, my verse for the day (year? 4 years? rest of my life?) is found in Daniel 4:17, 25, and32.  How that fits with our responsibility to pray, I’m not sure…that’s beyond the scope of this blog!

The Most High is sovereign in the kingdoms of men, and gives them to anyone He wishes.


3 thoughts on “Election quotes

  1. If I hadn’t already voted, I would have voted for you too. In fact, I should have written you in for President. Maybe next time!

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