for this, thank You.

for a contented sigh from a little body

for peaceful sleep

for a snuggly wee one

for the nearness of 8 pounds of potential

for a two-year-old hug

and a face-mashing kiss

for friends who are family

for doing nothing but being together

and being okay with it

for feeling at home

for faithful friends

for “call so we can pray!”

for big brothers and little sisters

for filling in the gaps so well

for the retreat so needed

for doing what I asked and so much more

for the grace to know

it is good.

for the comfort of presence

Thank You.


3 thoughts on “for this, thank You.

  1. Thanks for coming to see us, we were so glad to see you and get a little “do nothing” time out of your crazy schedule… we miss you and thank God for you as our friend! 🙂

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