Thanks from the mouths of first and second graders

For your Thanksgiving Eve enjoyment and in their original order, I present the list of things for which my class is thankful:

  1. God (Jesus came up, too.)
  2. dentists
  3. USA
  4. friends
  5. food
  6. parents
  7. army
  8. bees
  9. school
  10. life
  11. teachers
  12. earth
  13. toys (specifically, Legos)
  14. family
  15. church (This led to quite the theological discussion of where God lives- in heaven? at church? with us? I was enjoyed listening, considered jumping in, and discovered that they were right on.)
  16. memory
  17. clothes (so we aren’t naked)
  18. power (electricity)
  19. sponsor children (How cool that my kids are thankful for the opportunity to help others!)
  20. people
  21. books
  22. spiders (’cause they eat icky bugs)
  23. art
  24. homework (Yes, they do love homework.  When I asked why this student was thankful for homework, she said it was so that she could practice and learn.  At least she knows why I send it home!)
  25. frogs
  26. animals
  27. body (including blood, which was suggested separately)
  28. holidays
  29. the future
  30. science (“remember when it exploded?!”  exploded=vinegar and baking soda combined)
  31. stores
  32. presidents (“except George W. Bush.” I gently corrected the commentary to remind them that we can be thankful for all of our presidents and the sacrifices they made to lead us.)
  33. our classmates
  34. cars
  35. money
  36. sports (the only addition I suggested to the list.  Anyone shocked?  My kids were impressed.)
  37. computers
  38. our classroom

What would you like to add to the list?


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