On sharing the gospel: Tim Keller’s perspective

In the last post, I posted N.T. Wright’s answer to the question of how to share the gospel.  Here is a part of Tim Keller’s answer to the same question.

1. I don’t put all the gospel points into any one gospel presentation. I find it instructive that the New Testament writers themselves seldom, if ever, pack all of the aspects of the gospel equally in any one gospel address. When studying Paul’s gospel speeches in the book of Acts, it is striking how much is always left out.

He always leads with some points rather than others in an effort to connect with the baseline cultural narratives of his listeners. It is almost impossible to cover all the bases of the gospel with a non-believing listener without that person’s eyes glazing over.

Some parts simply engage her more than others, and, to begin with, a communicator should go with those. Eventually, of course, you have to get to all the aspects of the full gospel in any process of evangelism and discipleship. But you don’t have to say everything every time.

Both men are not only respected theologians but also intimately involved in service through the local church, Keller as a  the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and N.T. Wright as the Bishop of Durham (Church of England).  I’m glad to take the wise counsel of both, taken from Paul’s example, and I hope to share the gospel more in the next year than the last!


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