Are you who you want to be?

I’ve been thinking a lot about New Year’s Resolutions lately.  I have to preface this with the fact that I don’t usually make them, I don’t usually like them, and I have found them quite ineffective for producing meaningful change in my own life.  I’ve read several blog posts about them, and after reading, praying, and thinking about the whole idea, I’ve decided to give it a go.

Thankfully, God knows me well, and I’ve come across several bold reminders that I am not God, and God is the only One Who produces true change in me.  I am not my own project, and my part is small in the overall scheme of things.  So I see resolutions a time to reflect on the last year and ask God what He wants me to focus on in the next year, then get a jump start on praying about those things.

So what, you ask, will I be resolving this year? Good question.  There are ideas still bubbling in my head, and I’ve got a little over 24 hours before 2009 arrives!

Minor goals:

1. Read more widely.  I tend to read one author or on one subject for…oh, a long time.  Longtime readers will recognize large numbers of quotes from a few authors.  I would like to include more classics and more high quality fiction.  Pass on your recommendations!

2. Communicate better.  Thinking of writing an email, making a phone call, or sending a card really doesn’t count if you don’t do it.  I’d like to follow through on those thoughts!

3. Memorize scripture more intentionally.  What if I meditated on and memorized just a verse a week for the year?  I’d know 52 more verses at this time next year, be more grounded in God’s Word, and most importantly, know Him better.  Sounds good to me!

What changes would you like to make this year?


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