To: The Judge (Daddy)

This is the title of a letter from my sister, Katrina.  The date is unknown, but we laughed ’til we cried when my dad found it and shared it.  (Word count was kept along the side, likely per direction to write at least a certain number of words.)  Spelling and punctuation are original.

Judge I adress you in respect.  This will be a very difficult essay to write because I am honestly not sure why you were displeased  Now I understand that you miscommunicate it as spiting but as I said before you miscommunicated it!  Now remember I adress you in a humble and respectful aditude!  Now I will tell you the situation.  We were all in the front seat Sherilyn did start it.  She went pup.  We all did the same.  and you interpreted it as spiting.  I now inform you that I will do my best scouts honor to never ever putt again.  Love, Katrina

There’s nothing like reflection on one’s behavior years after the fact!


One thought on “To: The Judge (Daddy)

  1. Has Sherilyn taken the U. S. Government fog index test for reducing the level of education required to understand most gov. Periodicals yet? The average was ~ 6 years beyond the PhD.

    I did.

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