The Glamor of the Gospel

The word glamor always makes me think of glamor shots- you know, those overly pink (or other florescent color) and boa-filled pictures in which the subject looks nothing like they look on the other 364 days of the year.  Please understand that I have nothing against such pictures; I have simply never been motivated to participate in the making of such pictures.

That said, I did play more than my fair share of dress up as a little girl.  The best dress up paraphernalia was at my grammie’s house, where discarded bridesmaid dresses filled large Rubbermaid containers, just waiting for their second (and third, and fourth) wearing on a 6-year-old.  Oh, the glamor I felt in a pair of too-big high heels, a dress two or three feet too long, and sometimes, a fur stole to complete the outfit!

The essential nature of glamor, whether in glamor shots or dress-up, is that it is temporary.  Webster (online) includes this definition for glamor: “an exciting and often illusory and romantic attractiveness.”

The good news of Jesus, sometimes called, “the gospel,” is glorious, but it is not glamorous.  While we may imagine a romantic attractiveness, the beauty of Jesus is much more than a temporary quality.  More on the glory of Jesus next time…


One thought on “The Glamor of the Gospel

  1. Good memories! Thanks for reminding me that Christianity is more than Special Meeting/Campmeeting excitement. It’s for everything

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