Assuming Faith

I’ve never linked faith and assumption before, but a third-grader has me rethinking that.

This weekend was full with a trip to Portland with 8 (mostly) middle and high school kids.  This relatively little one came along with her sister, and she was a trooper.  She also taught me a lot about faith by her childlike example.

Early in the trip, another adult had a headache.  Our little prayer warrior prayed, the headache got better, and we were thankful.  As we got on the road to go home, she was asked to pray again for another headache, and willingly did.

When the headache wasn’t gone after awhile and we encountered snow, hail, and massively bad traffic, she asked if she could pray.  We said, “Absolutely!” and the adult with the headache asked if she would pray again.  Her response has stuck with me:

I thought it was gone!

Her response was beyond my normal framework of “faith;” she assumed that because she had prayed, the problem was solved.

I don’t intend for this to be a treatise on the nature of faith, prayer, or healing.  I do know, however, that Jesus said that we must become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven.  Maybe this kind of faith – simple trust that God will answer prayer- is worth cultivating.


2 thoughts on “Assuming Faith

  1. Wow… this is amazing stuff to think about! That same little one touched my heart in a beautiful way this weekend….. 🙂

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