The Lord’s Power Over All

I’m reading The Journal of George FoxGeorge Fox was the founder of the Quaker (aka Friends) movement in the 17th century, and his Journal is quite convicting.  After reading the preface and introduction and skimming the rest of it, I find this phrase on nearly every page:

the Lord’s power over all

as in,

We had some opposition in one meeting but the Lord’s glorious power gave me dominion over all.

The sheriff…made a great contention and jangling for a time, but the Lord’s power struck him that he received the word of life and was convinced (and several others that did oppose).  And he and his wife did abide in the Truth till they died.

We gave up to return to London, for which way the Lord moved us and led us we went in His power.

and last but not least, to note the end of organizational meetings (!):

And when it was ended it was hard for Friends to part, for the glorious power of the Lord which was over all and his blessed Truth and life flowing amongst them had so knit and united them together that they spent two days in taking leave of one another and Friends went away being mightily filled with the presence and power of the Lord.

Fox experienced the power of the Lord over all as a daily, moment-by-moment reality.  As a result, he received powerful protection, ministry, direction, and community.

Lord, let me recognize Your power over all as George Fox did so I can see Your glorious power as You desire to demonstrate it.


One thought on “The Lord’s Power Over All

  1. Your post reminds me of my meditation for the past few weeks:

    “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.” –II Tim 1:7

    Commonly quoted, uncommonly practiced; so I pray for wisdom.


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